Construction Management And Building Projects

Construction Projects In Ajman

Most construction work today is done in the form of small and large-scale projects, which are usually bid on, leaving the choice of company to the owners of the project.

To keep up with demand for construction organizations and ensure effective oversight and supervision of construction projects, professionals qualified as construction managers are made part of the building process.

Construction Manager Duties

Construction management is a discipline that pertains to the professional handling of the many stages in the building cycle, often from the beginning to the very end.

Alongside design, planning and execution, this involves the control of the key quantitative aspects of a project, most notably; timeframe, quality, and expenditure.

Even though construction management is a segment that is relevant to all construction projects and building initiatives, highly qualified construction managers are reserved for the supervision of large-scale projects or cost and time-sensitive initiatives

These projects will often have several additional building requirements warranting a high level of customization compared to mainstream construction projects, and also carry larger budgets, longer timeframes, and more extensive resources.

The foremost examples of such projects are heavy industrial manufacturing and processing plants, airports and seaports, real estate projects, military and transport undertakings, and government-funded initiatives.

Construction Management And Building Projects


The job of a construction manager corresponds to the stages of the project itself, and starts with design.

At this stage, the workload comprises assessing the feasibility of the project, developing the design and overview, and ensuring alignment with the many relevant legal, regulatory, and planning requirements.

Pre-Construction And Procurement

The next stage follows the completion of the bidding process, and involves the owner prompting the construction professionals to put together a team of relevant craftsmen, procure labor and resources, and assign roles and duties to a team.

This set of personnel consists, among others, managers, administrators, supervisors, and engineers.

This is also the time when an inspection of the site by the relevant professionals takes place, which helps to note and implement whether any adjustments need to be made before work gets underway.


Materials and setup processes are going to take place before construction begins, and this is also the time when the peculiarities regarding the individual roles, such as duties, hours, access, and project quality are discussed.

Construction projects in Ajman - BNC Network whereby personnel have signed a contract, will involve payments being tied with increments of work that is completed, but can also be tethered with timeframes that govern expected progress.