Interview Consultation

Interview preparation with Lux JobAn Interview preparation service includes a detailed analysis of typical interviewee mistakes, candidate’s comprehensive consultation, identification of strengths and weaknesses, presentation of personal achievements and planning an efficient dialogue with a potential employer. Additional services of an interview preparation service is career consultation and development of an effective career strategy, starting from occupation field identification and position specifics.

One of the most beneficial offers is an interview trial with a comprehensive feedback. We organize real interview conditions, which help to practice professional communication skills and standards of corporate ethics. An interviewer is specially trained to conduct tricky sessions with exhaustive dialogues. The interview plan will include typical questionary and unpredictable situations in order to get a trainee ready for any sort of a business meeting.

The service provides a number of advantages:

  • A resume is kept in the Lux Job database, so our recruiters can offer your candidacy to a potential employer as soon as an opportunity arises;
  • Guarantee of a useful and successful training, due to cooperation of experienced HR-managers, psychologists and business trainers;
  • Customer-oriented approach, selection of vacancies according to candidate’s preferences and salary expectations;
  • Individual interview program development, depending on position specifics, applicant’s qualifications and work experience.

Learn how to efficiently present your professional skills, knowledge and personal achievements with the Lux Job interview consultants!