Lux Job Services&Prices




Job Search

Complex ad comprehensive job search support, including personal HR-manager assistance, recruiter consultation and resume promotion.

From USD 100

Express Job Search

Affordable service package for successful and productive job search: quickened resume placement and vacancies selection in a strictly limited period of time.

From USD 70

Job Search Strategy

Consultation service, performed by experienced HR-managers and recruiters, which includes development of a strategy for efficient ways of getting a desired job position.

From USD 100

Resume Drawing Up

Resume drawing up according to international resume standards, employment rules, employers’ requirements and personal candidate’s preferences.

From USD 50

Resume Placement

Resume placement in the most popular open job resources and selective recruitment databases.

From USD 30

Resume Promotion

Resume placement in a number of popular recruitment websites, according to specialty nuances and occupation field, resume highlighting.

From USD 70

HR Consultation

Professional consultation on the most required job positions of the employment market, career planning and identification of candidate’s professional inclines.

From USD 80

Job Interview Consultation

Training of professional skills presentation, corporate communication practice and a test interview.

From USD 100

Vacancy Selection

Vacancy selection according to customer expectations and requirements. Includes a list of ten potential employers and two guaranteed interview offers.

From USD 50