Features of Azure cloud platform

Cloud platform in Qatar

The increasing dynamics of business organizations only means that they need to constantly evolve. Otherwise, they will fall on the roadside because of competition. They need to have more effective ways of management business processes. Cloud platform is certainly the way to go for most business organization seeking more efficiency.

They can manage all their business processes all in one platform. That is what Microsoft Azure will do. It is an integrated cloud service used by IT professionals and developers to manage solutions within Microsoft managed data centers. With this platform, building and deploying applications becomes very easy.

Reasons for Microsoft Azure cloud platform

Azure cloud platform serves several purposes. It is employed by IT experts to built intelligence and develop breakthrough apps. With the platform, you can be more efficient in the use of certain tools and infrastructure in the framework. Developers can build AI-centered tools and a a wide range of services for more efficiency.


When it comes to compliance certification, no other cloud platform in Qatar has it better than Azure. With Azure, it’s possible to get a comprehensive view of security on all cloud workloads and on-premises. It has an exhaustive infrastructure within the network. In fact, there is no other platform that is as compliant oriented as Azure.

Better end-user productivity

Azure makes sure that your cloud and on-premises environment work effectively and consistently throughout the organization. You will gain control and visibility through security solutions and built-in management throughout your on-premises and cloud environment. This will ensure a better output and productivity in your organization.

Services offered by Microsoft cloud Azure

Disaster Recovery

Disaster RecoveryYou could lose a lot if you fail to protect your workloads. That is where Microsoft Azure can help. It provides the tool you need to protect your workload and data. You can safeguard all your important IT tools and there is no need to maintain secondary data sources. Microsoft Azure will take care of everything and keep your data safe.

Business applications

With Microsoft Azure, you can take your business processes on CRM and accounting into your virtual network, streamlining operations in the process. Once they are virtualized, they can easily be transferred and hosted in the cloud. This ensures full scalability as you maintain control over other applications. 

Azure Backup

With Azure backup, you no longer have to worry about losing some of your most important data. Azure offers the opportunity to back up your data. Interestingly, you can do this in a more scalable and cost effective manner with Azure.