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Fire alarms important elements work proccessThe fire alarms can be a good addition to your residential or commercial space to make you aware in case of the emergency. The fire alarms detect the slightest smoke, fire, carbon monoxide in case of emergency. The alarm then warns the people with a ring or visual signs of danger.

The fire alarm can be activated automatically when it detects smoke or fire from heat detectors. You can also activate the system on your own if it’s a manual fire alarm system.

The fire alarms can be a wall mounted horns or a bell attached to them to make you warn in case of emergency. Some fire alarms are built-in with fire alarm speakers that will convey a danger message with a voice. You can also set the fire alarm’s frequency to low, high or medium as per your requirement and needs.

Global alarms is a well-known company in UAE which is not only supplying but can also provide its maintenance services regarding firefighting system. One of the civil defense approved companies in Abu Dhabi is also an approved and A+ certified company of UAE. The Global Alarms supplies a wide range of firefighting equipment which includes fire alarm systems, emergency and exit lighting systems , installation and maintenance of fire alarms systems, testing, approvals and different other services in Abu Dhabi and Al’Ain region.

The company is also offering their services for the technicians who are willing to have training regarding firefighting operations and maintenance of fire alarms.

Fire fighting system in DubaiThe Global Alarms company also help you in selecting perfect Firefighter system and its design according to your space. You can also hire the company’s expert technicians to check and maintain your fire alarming system. The technicians can check any kind of fire alarm system to make sure that you and your property is protected.

You can book the Global Alarms services in just three simple steps.

  • Call:

You can call the technicians of the company for telling them the details.

  • Meeting.

After getting satisfied with a call you can meet the experts at the office.

  • Price: The Company will then tell you a reasonable quotation about their services.

You don’t need to worry about installation and maintenance of firefighting systems for your property when Global Alarms is at your service.