Get Your Professional Meeting Space to Sign the Contract

When we talk about the situation here at Doha, we all know and believe that it is becoming a financial hub for Qatar. Economy is raising and international attention is getting more and more as the days and months pass. Winning the rights to host FIFA 2022, Qatar has become a next big sensation and world’s eyes are on it.

In such city, where there is an economic boom, many companies would find it difficult to acquire a land for creating an office space since the demand for land is too much high. In such situations, start-ups and big companies look for Serviced Offices. Alliance Business Centers Doha is the pioneer of the ‘Serviced Office’ providers.

Alliance Business Centers Doha, provide the fully serviced offices, conference rooms, executive suites and other meeting facilities in Qatar. Serviced offices bring us a concept of a premium location and office space, used by its members on ‘pay-as-you-use’ basis. Getting an office space of diverse sizes, fully equipped with latest technologies and facilities, in a city like Doha is very much difficult and yet vital.




The services include in such offices are many for example business lounge, business package, serviced office and conference rooms to name a few.

Conference Rooms: Arranging conferences and meetings are the most tiring and troublesome tasks for a manager. They plan to make a meeting successful and for this, a lot of preparations are being done. Preparations include can be varied but may charge a lot to a business. But a company will always put meeting’s success on its top priorities. A best meeting space gives many advantages to a company. Let’s for say, it ensures that the meeting is smoothly running and it creates a best first impression. Now, by virtue of Alliance Business Centers Doha, companies get a well-appointed meeting room with different styles to suit their requirements.



The conference room of Alliance Business Centers Doha is of executive style which allows a business to conduct its work in the most prestigious manner and in a perfect location. The conference room is there to offer the businesses a lot more than they have ever demanded of. The facilities offered are:

  1. High Speed ‘Wi-Fi’: A high speed internet or Wi-Fi connection is very important nowadays. It is required to carry out many activities. Be it a virtual meeting or an on-time research activity,

Wi-Fi is vital at every time in meeting or in a conference.

  1. High-Tech Projector System: You need a projector to show your presentation or your work to everyone presented. It helps you to communicate or to explain your point in an efficient manner.
  2. Whiteboard and Flipcharts: Many people still like them and use it in meetings. The leader or the presenter often uses flipcharts to make an illustration or graph.
  3. Stationary: Pens, markers, chalks, dusters, thumb pins and many other stationary items are vital to a meeting or a conference. Any activity or group work is nearly impossible without these things.
  4. Video Conferencing: Alliance Business Centers Doha has a fully equipped conference room. It provides every facility to ensure a high quality video and audio conferencing run smooth.

In conclusion, Alliance Business Centers not only provide you a great amount of benefits but also satisfy your clients and customers.