How to Come up With the Name of the Company

You should not underestimate the importance of your company name. A good name itself will be a significant component of your marketing strategy. And on the contrary: if the name is bad, this can considerably slow down the results of all your advertising efforts.

Inexperienced entrepreneurs who only start their first business, sometimes related to creating the business name as a kind of game, not realizing that in fact this process has some nuances. Knowledgeable businessmen will gain from this process the maximum benefits for their business.

There is such term as "naming", and it means a science which investigates the principles of the "naming" of something. It can be the name of a product, service, company name, pseudonym for blogger and so on. It is important to understand that thinking up the name, you should be guided not only by your personal wishes but by the principles of this science: for example, the name should be clear to the audience that will perceive it; the name should be memorable and not get lost in the crowd; and it should not arouse negative associations among the audience.

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If you cannot find the name for your future company, for a shop, restaurant or fitness club, we offer you several options of areas in which you can think.

The name of the entrepreneur (or his wife/daughter/son etc.)

Often, the shops, hairdressers, cafes, grocery brands, periodical publication, and others are called human names. On the one hand, it is corny, but on the other it is the fastest and easiest way to come up with the name for the future company. And who knows, maybe this method will bring your business good luck. Mercedes cars were also named a female name. And yet, at the mention of this name first of all we remember the car, not just a beautiful female name.


For new companies, this method is rarely justified, though to avoid it we can't. The abbreviation of several letters will hardly be remembered to the audience if the company is still unknown and only starts its way. However, for large and well-known companies (such as IBM) this method is very good. Always pronounce the full name - International Business Machines – not very convenient, and uttering just three letters, everybody knows what kind of company it is.

Description of activity

This method choice of the name is perhaps the most unoriginal. The company with the name "Consulting researches" or "Marketing and information technology" is unlikely to stand out among other similar. The only advantage of such names is that the audience immediately understand what the company does.

Abstract word

You can call the firm the word which means absolutely nothing. With the right marketing strategy this word once and for all will be associated only with your company, that is quite a good prospect. Usually to create such name, it is taken a few words and connect their individual syllables, or just come up with a beautiful combination of letters and sounds.