Importance of Logo in Business

Many businessmen, when founding a new company, besides anything, are trying to make an image base in the form of a logotype, slogan and so on. In this article we will turn our attention to the logo, to the nuances of its development and its meaning in the realities of modern business.

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Logo is one of the aspects of marketing promotion of the company. However, its significance in present-day business has a difference in opinions. The idea of a logo is for a company to get a "face", to be recognizable just by a graphic symbol, and for that particular symbol to be stuck in people's heads. In other words, there's no way around it without a logo! In fact, this is the first position. But, let's ask ourselves a question: " Which logos do I remember?" No wonder if the first things to pop into your head will be clothes designers (mostly sport clothes), fast-food, Macdonald's, Apple and some other popular companies. Exactly, popular. Therefore, for the logo to be recognizable and to get stuck in peoples’ heads the company should be really well-known. There is the second position: logo, if it is really required, is only needed by big companies. By the way, all the big translation companies in Dubai like London Legal Translation have quite memorable logos.

In the modern business, relating to smaller companies, the second option is a better fit. However, let's not get too critical about the decisions. If making a "symbol" doesn't require unreasonable financial and labor resources (but all too often unreasonable resources are being spent), then the company might as well get their own logo. Indeed, at the very least, it will make the company appear more respectable. 

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Important Factors

Now, let's go over the factors that need to be taken into consideration while designing a logo. 

  • Logo should be as simple as it could be. First, it will be easier to perceive and remember. To the extent possible, it is preferable to use simple shapes and elements (circle, square, triangle), they are the easiest to perceive. Second, in present day of large amounts of existing advertisement you might need to change the size of the logo or the possibility of its application on different objects (like a uniform). Difficult, gimmicky logo complicates actions from above. 
  • Color combination. Color scheme should be the most appropriate. However, there is a nuance - the significant part of the logo should be the shape and not the color. For example, in the newspaper (black and white, mostly) colorful logo will not show up, but if its contour was made successfully, it will still look presentable.

The connection and logics between contents of logo and the company's occupation should be highest possible.