Life Goes On: Some Memories Never Fade

Have you ever celebrated a dear one’s birthday the way you always dreamt of?

Well, only a few of us are lucky enough to have done this. I am one of those.

It’s always a great idea to celebrate an occasion in a hotel or a hotel apartment, and if this celebration takes place in Dubai, the experience would be the best and worth remembering for.

Birthdays, one of the most precious days that comes once a year in a person’s life. And if that day is made awesomely special by your dearest ones, such a person is the luckiest.

Last year, we celebrated my mother’s birthday at a hotel apartment in Dubai. It was a great experience.

Birthday Celebration

My mom has her birthday on 20th of December. Last year, when her birthday was close, I and my siblings were thinking to have a blast on mother’s birthday. But we couldn’t think of a great idea.

I was thinking  for a few months  to celebrate my husband’s birthday in a hotel room, where we can have some  time  to spend together for which we were craving for quite some time as me and my husband both are busy in our profession. We really needed a break. But at this time of my mother’s birthday, this idea seemed to be the best and I was sure mom would be so happy to see this.

My brother works in Dubai. When we presented him with the idea he became excited too. He took the responsibility to do all the arrangements in Dubai while it was my duty to take mom to Dubai without giving her a hint. It was a tough job.

I did a prank which was quite cliché but what to do. I called mom and told her that her son is getting married in Dubai without her knowledge. Mom became a little upset. I was afraid that this is a big lie. What will I do if something bad really happens? My mother didn’t say a word and we started packing for Dubai.

We reached Dubai. Mother remained in full tension throughout the flight. She didn’t say a word. We reached at our destination. It was a hotel apartment booked only for my brother’s birthday. The porters greeted us with a very pleasant smile and took us forward.  I was now feeling quite relaxed that my brother had made the best arrangements. We reached the hotel apartment. My mother was growing restless. She was expecting that we must land in front of my brother’s house not an apartment. I was laughing inside. We entered the apartment that was sunk in deep darkness. My mother asked for a light. I told her to get inside then we’ll see about the light. As we reached half the way, all the lights were lit and we were greeted by my husband father and other siblings who had already reached Dubai to welcome us. Mother was fully astonished. She cannot understand what was happening. When she saw my brother and the cake she understood the whole scene. She was quite angry but happy as well. We celebrated her birthday in the best of ways.

When I asked my brother about the arrangements and the awesome hotel apartment, he told me about our hotel, who offer the best hotel apartments in Dubai at a very affordable price.  We were very glad at their arrangements. They also offered a gift for my mother and it was completely complimentary. Wow what a birthday it was full of blessings. After the birthday my Mom couldn’t control her tears full of joy and her reaction was so adorable.