Successfully obtain a Europe citizenship from Dubai

A second citizenship allows an individual access to the rest of the world and provides pathways for fulfilling dreams and ambitions.

While residing in UAE, anyone can acquire antigua citizenship by investment. Over the past decade, the EU has become a popular destination regarding second citizenship and residence.

Why Europe?

Here are a few reasons why it is the number one preference.

  • It provides one of the best citizenship-by-investment programs. This is an excellent chance for those who have ample resources and are willing to relocate.
  • The EU is promoting economic growth by passing new laws.
  • Several taxation benefits are encouraging people to come to Europe, making it a favorite location for businesses, investments, and residence.
  • There is an attraction to invest in the flourishing real estate sector.

The advantages of European citizenship

By obtaining European citizenship, you can avail a wealth of opportunities. The following are some reasons why you shouldn't miss the boat.

European citizenship

  • Once you have obtained an EU citizenship, you can travel without a visa to over 160 countries, including the United States and Great Britain. And a European passport holds more value and respect than some countries.
  • You are issued a legal certificate that entitles you (the beneficiary) and your family (the registered dependents) to reside, settle or stay indefinitely in the EU.
  • You will have the satisfaction of watching your children grow in a secure environment.
  • When you decide to purchase a property, you will be making an optimal investment because there is a potential for appreciation in the real estate market.
  • It gives you the right, not only to live but to study and work anywhere in the EU.
  • You will proudly be able to contribute to the economic development of another country.
  • The EU maintains a higher standard and quality of life than other countries around the world.
  • And last but least, when you’ve had enough of the hustle and bustle, there are various beautiful places where you can retire.


Are you planning to apply for EU citizenship? Here are the straightforward steps you should follow. However, it’s advisable to go through a reliable immigration agent.

Europe citizenship from Dubai

  1. Profile assessment - Explore all your options before deciding which country meets all your needs.
  2. Documents - Prepare the necessary documents. The checklist varies depending upon the specifications of the applicant and the chosen country.
  3. Application submission - The documents are submitted to the respective authorities.
  4. Due diligence process - The government will assess your qualification and verify the documents. This can take 3-5 months, or 5 weeks through the fast-track option.
  5. Approval in principle - Once you get the green light through the Citizenship Approval Letter, you can begin the process of payment for investment.
  6. Transfer of Investment - The funds are transferred to the country of migration. You must have a minimum of 20,000 euros, but rules vary according to different locations. There may be some government fees as well.
  7. Certificate of Naturalization and Certificate of Oath are issued when all dues are cleared.
  8. Residency permit/passport are issued within 2 weeks for second citizenship by investment Dubai.