The Backbone Of A Building

Burj Khalifa, the tallest skyscraper of the world, perhaps the best iconic building any country can dream of.

The view is amazing and definitely worth the hassle to get to the top

Magnificent architecture, splendid design, gorgeous construction, and marvelous cost management which has documented history, not only in Dubai but all over the world!

Burj Khalifa is not only the tallest building in the world; it also has the highest observation desk, elevator, and fountain in the world.  Moreover, like a roller coaster! The elevator covers the distance from the top to the observation desk at a speed of 64.37km/hour and takes the time of only 2 minutes.

Best quality steel, concrete and glass are used during the construction of this ravishing skyscrapper. All the fields involved in the construction worked out of limits to get such a record scoring result. 

Purchasing the right raw material and managing the cost is the main key towards a great construction work. Appropriate decisions should be taken to choose the raw material that is cost efficient and has durable effects. Sometimes, materials are expensive in prices but the later expenditure is much low and vice versa. Some materials are cheap but require life-time maintenance.

Moreover, risk factors should also be kept in mind. Like some raw materials cannot bear the natural calamities like damage by fire, wind or earth quake. So in such countries, where natural disasters are common, raw material should be chosen according to that situation. Like in Japan, the buildings are made earth quake proof as they have a lot of such disasters per year.

Cost management also encircles maintaining energy costs. That is the amount of energy required to install a material, how much energy will it consume in the future and what is its life span. The design and the material also help to reduce the energy consumption of the construction site.

Burj Khalifa

Make It Wood!

Mostly, the wood used during construction is timber, also called lumber in the United States.

Wood is mostly used in the United Stated and Canada to form sticks and frames. It is the oldest form of constructing buildings. However, the use of wood is replaced with steel and concrete in certain countries. Wood can bear the weight of the building but the disadvantage is it reduces the number of open spans like windows and doors  in a building. Moreover, wood can be damaged by moisture and naturally occurring termites. It also cannot bear bending as it has fiber in its structure.

Element Of Steel!

Steel is the most widely used raw material since 19th century as it provides many benefits and is cost-effective. Two types of steel are there for the purpose of construction; hot-rolled steel and cold-formed steel. Hot-rolled type is expensive but provides a longer life span, due to its high prices it is only used for commercial purposes and not for residential purposes. Cold-formed steel is used for residential purposes as they don’t need to bear much weight as compared to commercial sites. The advantage of cold-formed steel is that it can be bent or cut into thin sheets.

With right material according to the environment and right planning of cost management, it is possible to control the wastage of time and money.

If you need construction cost management in Dubai, We are there for your help. Your construction cost will be managed accordingly and efficiently.