The Organization Chart Of Exhibition Contractor.

The exhibition contractor can choose and use any subcontractor other than the official’s contractors and GSC in the manual services of the exhibitor. The exhibitor has whole authority to choose a vendor whom they want to rent not exclusive products and services at the exhibition.

The exhibition contractors are named as independent contractors, exhibitor designated contractors, and non-official contractors. if you have appointed exhibitor contractor in Dubai, then complete and present the EAC form in the exhibitor manual of services the form highlights your intent of using services and products of an exhibition assigned contractor. The form has a deadline of 30 – 60 days and must be submitted before the show opening.

EAC helps in saving the time of understanding the relation among show managers, show organizers. Exclusive contractors, GSCs and official contractors and also assist in finding the best fit vendor for the job.

There are different names use for exhibition contractors which create a lot of confusion. The relation among these contractors varies from city to city, location to location and show to show. Therefore, in order to eliminate all the confusion in the exhibition industry contractors, we have given you the detailed organization chart which specifies the status of show manager, show organizer, and other main contractors.

Organizer Of Show

The organization chart of exhibition contractororganizer of the show presents the peak of the organization chart. It may be a person, company, sponsor or association. This position is responsible for deciding a trade show and makes the financial and executive decisions concerning show strategy. The internal staff can also manage event various aspects depending on the business model.

Show Manager

When the show organizer hand over its management responsibilities by outsourcing another company, it becomes show manager. The show manager then looks after the exhibition and its activities.

The show manager manages execution functions and planning all internally. They are responsible for sending proposal requests, agreement terms with contractors, signing and negotiating contracts.

General Services Contractor

The GSC or named as an official general contractor or general contractor is under the contract of show manager or show organizer. The GSC main responsibility is for setting up and tearing down the trade show. Their further responsibilities are:

The exhibition contractor in Dubai

  • Inspection of trade show
  • Preparing the layout of show floor
  • Making manual of exhibitor services
  • Freight management
  • Moving empty cartons and crates
  • Managing labor force

Exclusive Contractor

The exclusive contractor-vendors are mentioned in the GSC or venue contract and exhibitor has no role in selecting them. They are those vendors whose services and products are used in a show such as telecommunications, plumbing, electrical, internet, and catering.

Official Contractor

They are the suppliers nominated by GSC or show organizer for the respective service. They are also named as subcontractors.