Tips to Choose Best Thermowell in UAE

Thermowell is used to protect your temperature sensors like thermometer, resistance temperature detector (RTD) and thermocouple from heat up. All your temperature sensors are placed inside the thermowell which are usually mounted on the walls of the processing system.

There are different types of thermowell available that you can use depending upon your industrial process requirement and desirability. Most commonly available in thermowell UAE are flanged, weld in, socket weld and threaded. Each thermowell is varied by sizes, shapes, and materials which are used for protecting the different type of sensors.

Flanged Thermowell

Flanged Thermowell is used for such process which involves the high-pressure, velocity or corrosive process. It gives you the flexibility to remove temperature sensor without shutting down the whole plant.

Flanged Thermowell is ideally applicable for chemical plants, pharmaceutical, beverage and water pressure control.


Threaded Thermowell

Threaded Thermowell is screwed directly into the walls of the processing system. In order to provide less responsive time, It is designed with the smaller diameter tip than the base of thermowell.

Threaded Thermowell is ideally suitable for low pressure and velocity process.

Socket Weld Thermowell

It is ideally used for chemical industry, apparatus construction, and process technology.

Weld in Thermowell

Weld in Thermowell is same as socket weld in thermowell except for it is directly welded to the walls of process systems and protect the sensors.

Criteria for selecting best Thermowell for you

Thermowell are made up of different sizes and materials but you should be aware of their particular usage. And which thermowell suits to your desirable process.

There are three main criteria that you should keep in your mind while selecting best thermowell for you.

  • The accuracy or process response depends on the immersion or U length of the thermowell.
  • Sometime thermowell are failed due to the effect of vibration of flow media in the processing system. So you should consider the stiffness of thermowell.
  • You should always consider the material of thermowell which totally depends on your required processes like nature of the process, pressure or velocity.

After reading this article now you will be are aware different ranges available for thermowell UAE. And how to select thermowell which match your criteria.

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