Tips to Manage Schedule After CFA Training in Dubai

Examination of CFAWhen you start studying for the crucial examination of CFA, everybody wonders about the efficient and faster way for preparation than slowly cramming through the essential study material and painful learning. The recommendation to spend 250 hours for each level is quite unachievable and does not provide the ultimate result you were expecting.

The fact is that you really need to work hard throughout the process to get a good score and learning material provided by the third party is of no use as they make money for a quick fix offer but ended up with time waste machine, that is why BCI Academy is offering result oriented CFA training in Dubai.

The best thing you can do is to improve the efficiency to learn and prepare smartly. Starting early, at least 6 months prior to the exam can open many doors of success. The late you start, the more are the chances of scrambling the reading material mindlessly, let alone practice comprehensively. You might be able to wing it somehow, but you can save yourself from severe headaches by delaying the examination as honestly, you started late.


Successful examination

One of the most basic ways to get successful is by reading the original books provided by CFA institute; keep taking notes during you study time and look them later while you go through revision phase.

You can also make your formula sheet and solve the original book's practice question. The exam subject will be the same, so if you will excel in solving these problems, you can ace your exam.

The formula sheet, practice question, and notes need regular revision in the last month prior to an exam.

If you are not certain about some questions present in the book or want some clarity, keep resolving them again and again and don't just leave them behind for last days until you become clear. The learning objectives are essential to be understood to do well in the final exam.


The most crucial step in the schedule for preparation is proper time management. You have to plan everything from start. Maybe you have an extraordinary background and you believe that it is not a big deal to spend substantial time for studying, the need of revision is more than essential and you have to clear your concepts to quickly apply all the relevant formulas on exam day.

We suggest calculating the key performance indicators that you think can change the game. These may include a number of pages you can easily cover in the specified time set by you, the average time required to solve the chapter end questions. These KPI's may be variable each day but you can easily figure out the total number of chapters you can cover in a month or so.