What You Expect to Get from the Training?

Millions and millions of students globally, especially from Dubai and other nearby countries appear to crack IELTS examinations yearly. Reason for this is that IELTS scores not only help you to pursue your higher studies in abroad, but also you get scope to work in almost any organization of your own choice.

IELTS preparation in DubaiReason for this is that more than 10,000 organizations in 140 different countries, along with employers, governmental departments, universities and business schools accept your IELTS scores. However, cracking different levels of IELTS examination is not a piece of cake for students. Instead, it requires hard work, dedication and proper guidance. Here comes the role of experts offering IELTS preparation in Dubai to large number of school and college students.

Training Lets You Familiarize with the Format

Becoming well familiar with the exact test format is the first and an important step to start with IELTS preparation. Once you develop awareness of the format, you will come to know the expectations in each section, so that you may attempt questions easily. For this, experts of IELTS training have highlighted four different sections if IELTS tests consisting of four major skills of English language.

Listening Test

Listening test consists of 4 sections and its duration is of only 30 minutes.

Reading Test/Reading Comprehension Test

Reading test or reading comprehension test consists of 40 questions, all of which divided into 3 different sections. Here, a student will get 1 hour or 60 minutes to solve the test.

Writing Test/Written Test

Written testIn case of writing test, you will get 3 tasks and you have to complete all of them in an hour i.e. 60 minutes duration.

Communication/Speaking Test

In case of communication or speaking test, you will get only about 15minutes time to speak about a particular topic in English with proper accent and fluency.

Training Gives a Platform to Do Practice and Mock Tests

Regardless of the quality of training you get from an institution or a coaching center, it will go into vain until and unless you practice it thoroughly. Because of this, experts of IELTS training in Dubai always provide aspirants with proper IELTS practice materials, so that they get proper idea of various questions, which they would face during the actual test. Other than this, you should make sure familiarizing yourself with mock tests regularly, to prepare yourself on the day of your actual test.

Training Lets You Identify the Weaknesses

Once you start with practicing questions on a regular basis and attend mock tests, you will easily identify key strengths and weaknesses. Only you have to make sure practicing more on weaknesses to prepare yourself and be competent enough to crack the test.